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Earth - A New Vision

by The Haunted Guy

First Light 04:31
In Orbit 02:48
Skyline 05:46
Relativity 03:46
Changes 03:56
Last Light 04:24


The euphoria of New Year's Eve celebrations from around the world roused something in me at the beginning of 2018. As I pressed onto the keyboard with this huge string chord progression, I knew it was going somewhere. In just a day, the first (of many) versions of 'First Light' was born. As I sat, ready to work on completing this track, moulding the synth sounds that I was playing around with, another, more ethereal track evolved into 'In Orbit'. A feeling of weightlessness, looking down onto the world below, seeing it in all its majesty inspired me to write this. Growing up on the sounds of Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis - especially the more anthemic tracks is exactly where this is pitched. A day later, playing with loops and sequences, 'Our Friends in the North' was born.

It became clear that this album had links to the world we live in today, our ecology, mankind and what we are doing to our home. The tracks had written themselves in the order they appear in on the album. "Northern Lights" was written late summer to accompany the single release of OFITN, the two seemed to compliment each other so well that it was inevitable that this would make the final cut. "Skyline" was the 4th track written in late January. Hearing a collaboration between Jarre and Tangerine Dream really was the baseline to the direction of the track. I caught, quite by accident some time-lapse footage of Shanghai on YouTube, its frenetic, relentless inhabitants going about their day to day lives, the traffic, congestion, worship and the Shanghai Skyline were massively influential as I hope you will see when you hear.

Seeing is as important to hearing and I urge your to close your eyes and envisage your own story to this journey. Until the end of February I spent much of this time experimenting with ideas. I eventually omitted a track that had taken 7 weeks in development as the world, its leaders and stories took a different path. The album is way more cohesive without it and I am sure some day it will have its day. Just not today!

'Relativity' and 'The East Wind' next on the album each had a different trigger, the first being more in line with relationships. Again a YouTube video - Lucky Luke really inspired me to write this happy pop stomper. 'The East Wind' signalling change - slower, more folky, imagine yourself on a windy isle in Scotland and you're somewhere near. 'Changes' and 'Promised Land' accompanied the 'First Light' single which was featured on BBC Introducing in the East Midlands in the Summer. The versions here are all totally remixed after several recording and mastering sessions. 'Changes' is the most personal of the tracks, I was thinking very much of relatives gone by when making this track. The final track, drawing the day in the life of our planet, 'Last Light' is an orchestral revisitation of the central theme of 'First Light' - the sun descending beyond the horizon, the moon rotating into view. Haunting, powerful and a lasting stamp on the day.

'Earth - A New Vision' is a year of my life. Very close to my heart. A journey which who knows I will retake in a few years with it's another vision, in the meantime thanks for reading. I hope I inspire you with this work. Enjoy.


released January 25, 2019

Special thanks to Mikey Wilson, The Loft Tapes and Paul Stevenson, Dead Good Publishing Ltd


all rights reserved



The Haunted Guy London, UK

The Haunted Guy is the alter ego of the author / composer A.E. Soar. Based in the UK, his breakthrough release 'First Light' hit in the summer of 2018 with subsequent single releases from 'Earth - A New Vision' shortly after. Other projects have followed including the novel for 72 Minutes in the Woods available on Amazon. New releases incoming. ... more

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